Vanessa Seifert

Vanessa Seifert is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Bristol. After studying chemical engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, she pursued an MSc in Philosophy of Science at LSE. She recently completed her PhD at the University of Bristol under the supervision of James Ladyman. Apart from her doctoral research, she has worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Bristol, where she taught Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Metaphysics, and Realism and Normativity. 

Her doctoral research concerned the epistemological and metaphysical relations between chemistry and quantum mechanics. In order to understand them, she examined how chemistry and quantum mechanics each describe a single inert molecule. She reviewed the existing positions regarding chemistry’s relation to quantum mechanics and argued for a unified understanding of chemistry’s relation to quantum mechanics. 

In general, Vanessa is interested in examining standard issues in the philosophy of science from the novel and relatively unexplored perspective of chemistry.

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