Sam Kimpton-Nye

Sam received his PhD from King’s College London in 2018. Since then, he has worked as a teaching fellow at King’s College London and a Lecturer at New College of the Humanities. Sam has taught a range of courses including metaphysics, philosophy of mind, neuroscience and the mind, aesthetics and logic.  

In his PhD and published work, Sam develops and defends novel accounts of the metaphysics of properties, laws of nature and modality. More specifically, Sam defends the idea that low-level physical properties (such as charge, mass, spin, etc.) are necessarily connected with certain dispositions and, furthermore, that these properties provide a common ground for facts about the laws of nature and facts about modality. Since modality is central to philosophy and laws of nature are central to science, Sam argues that his common ground thesis presents an attractively unified picture of philosophy and science.  

Sam continues to draw on and develop his accounts of properties, laws and modality in the process of investigating topics at the intersection of metaphysics and the philosophy of science such as emergence and the dimensionality of a quantum universe.  

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