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Rutgers-Bristol Workshop on the Metaphysical Unity of Science


This workshop is organized jointly by the MetaScience project and Rutgers-Newark. Local organizer: Ken Aizawa.  Join us for talks and discussion on 'The Metaphysical Unity of Science'.

Bundle Theory with Kinds


In this paper, which is an exercise in formal ontology – an area of research concerning fundamental ontological categories and their relations – Markku Keinänen (Tampere) and Tuomas Tahko examine the tempting idea that there could be just one fundamental ontological category.  

Where Do You Get Your Protein? Or: Biochemical Realization


This paper is based on a pilot study for the MetaScience project. The project concerns inter-level relationships between the natural sciences and here the target is the interface between biology and chemistry, specifically, biochemical kinds such as proteins.