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ARTICLE: From quarks to quails – can the different sciences be unified?


In this popular science article, Vanessa looks at the main questions that the MetaScience project is concerned with. She explains how these questions have been considered in philosophy so far, and presents the results that have been produced by our project. 

ARTICLE: Reduction and Emergence in Chemistry


Vanessa Seifert's entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy examines how philosophy understands chemistry's relationship to physics. The article situates this discussion around the dilemma between reduction and emergence and aims to present all existing views on this debate. 

EVENT: Formal Ontology & Metaphysics of Science Workshop


This workshop brings together philosophers working on formal ontology and metaphysics of science. The goal is to find new ways to apply work on ontological categories and formal ontological relations to case studies from the metaphysics of science.

EVENT: FraMEPhys-MetaScience Workshop, Oxford


Join the research teams from the ERC-funded projects FraMEPhys (Birmingham) and MetaScience (Bristol) for talks and discussion.  There will also be opportunity to explore the famous Pitt Rivers Museum.   

PAPER: The role of idealisations in describing an isolated molecule


Vanessa Seifert argues that it is an idealisation in chemistry and in quantum mechanics that an isolated molecule is stable and has structure. She then investigates how this idealisation informs our understanding of various philosophical issues. 

EVENT: Rutgers-Bristol Workshop on the Metaphysical Unity of Science


A workshop organized jointly by the MetaScience project and Rutgers-Newark. Local organizer: Ken Aizawa.  Join us for talks and discussion on 'The Metaphysical Unity of Science'. 

PAPER: Bundle Theory with Kinds


In this paper, which is an exercise in formal ontology – an area of research concerning fundamental ontological categories and their relations – Markku Keinänen (Tampere) and Tuomas Tahko examine the tempting idea that there could be just one fundamental ontological category.  

PAPER: Where Do You Get Your Protein? Or: Biochemical Realization


This paper is based on a pilot study for the MetaScience project. The project concerns inter-level relationships between the natural sciences and here the target is the interface between biology and chemistry, specifically, biochemical kinds such as proteins.