Alexander Bird

19.06.19 - The talk 'Is there metascientific knowledge? Realism, Anti-Realism, and the Unity of Science' was given by project Advisory Board member Alexander Bird at our Kick-off Workshop in Bristol.  Many thanks to Alexander for allowing us to record such a fascinating presentation.

Vanessa Seifert

19.03.20 - Audio available here.  Research Associate Vanessa Seifert spoke to the Physics World podcast to discuss the relationship between quantum mechanics and chemistry, her transition from chemical engineering to philosophy and an exciting project with former project team member Alex Franklin.    

Files coming soon.

Tuomas Tahko

 14.02.20 - The talk 'Natural Kinds and Their Properties' was given by MetaScience project Principal Investigator Tuomas Tahko our Formal Ontology and Metaphysics of Science workshop in Bristol.