Francesca Bellazzi

Francesca Bellazzi is a PhD student at the University of Bristol. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Università Cattolica of Milan (2017) and an MSc in Philosophy of Science from the LSE (2018). She has also been a visiting student at UCLA, MCMP (Munich) and Oxford universities.

Francesca is specialising in metaphysics and philosophy of biology. She is studying classical metaphysical categories, such as essences, laws or kinds, in contemporary sciences, as reflected in her BA and MSc dissertations. The former regards a dispositional account of laws of nature and its application to biological laws (supervisors Prof. Giordani and Dr. De Florio). The latter is a proposal of Aristotelian essentialism in the definition of biological species (supervisor Dr. Birch). 

Francesca is currently investigating the role of Aristotelian essences and natural kinds at different levels in biology, in particular in genetics and cell biology. Her interests also involve Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, especially Aristotle and the Medieval problem of universals.  

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